As I first posted back on September 2nd, and then followed up on the 6th, fire caused by a contractor’s cutting torch closed the Liberty Bridge here in Pittsburgh, leading to a traffic nightmare in this already hard-to-navigate city. Originally scheduled to re-open on 9/12, delays in fabricating replacement parts, then more delays in jacking the bridge back into the correct position, pushed it back to the 19th. On the afternoon of the 16th, PennDOT announced that they were pushing the date back again, this time stating only it could be weeks before repairs were completed. Needless to say, this news was not well received, though we did get a nice t-shirt.

Today at 3pm PennDOT announced the bridge will be re-opening (with a 9 ton weight limit) at 3:30, though the original work being done (replacing the deck, repainting, new traffic signals) is still being done. This farce has cost the contractor two hundred grand in fines every day since the 2nd, plus the cost of bringing in the experts needed to survey the bridge and design the parts.