So, with the GTI being the Official Car of Oppo, leave it to me to do Oppo-site

Hi Oppo - it’s been a minute, and for that I apologize. Life sometimes gets in the way.

Anyhow, some may recall that last February, I bought a brand new GTI S and got it for a steal. Interestingly, this is about the time Oppo fell in love with the GTI.


In November, I traded my LEAF for a two door Cooper S for my daughter:

Well, for whatever reason,I fell in love with the Cooper. So in December, I traded the GTI for a manual Mini Cooper S 4 door. While I loved the GTI, the DSG was boring. I know the Cooper is slower, etc., etc., but it is an absolute blast to drive and is far better equipped that the base GTI I had. This particular Cooper S is a 2015, but it pretty much has every option including the adaptive suspension, heads up display, panoramic sunroof, self-parking, etc. I do miss Android Auto, but that’s really the only thing. What I don’t miss is the turbo lag. This little guy has the two-liter BMW twin turbo and there is zero lag.


Happy Motoring!

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