I forgot I had just ‚Äútemporarily‚ÄĚ zip tied my fan to my radiator. I bought new mounts for it but the engine shortly spun its rod bearings by the time the engine was back together and in the car I had totally forgotten about my cooling situation. Fast forward to a few days ago I was greeted by steadily rising temperatures as I drove along, eventually pulling off to the side of the highway and waiting about an hour and a half there for the engine to cool down enough that I could limp home.

Not the optimal temperature for a Chevy V8, deadly to a Jaguar V12. Lucky for me...

After eventually getting the stupid thing back to the house it was dark and I was too pissed to be fucked with it. Took a look yesterday and...

Oh. Neat. Ziptie-induced stress + corroded ass old shitty radiator = big-ol hole.


$350 for a new radiator, or go to a salvage yard and spend weeks fabricobbling mounts and hoses to put a 3rd-gen Camaro radiator (only thing that comes remotely close to fitting) in the car.

Probably just going to sell it or trade for another bike. Need something fuel efficient and reliable to get around, not 10mpg and $200/mo in parts and fluids, not to mention a rolling fire hazard with the leaky fuel tank and a fun feature wherein the exhaust leaks are directly underneath holes in the floor thus making a nice CO hotbox. Healthy. Health issues and medical expenses are catching me at a bad time, as well, leaving me in desperate need of money and ‚Äúslimming down‚ÄĚ of monthly expenses.