On my drive to work yesterday I noticed my car felt a little odd on corners. Later in the day, I was going for a slightly longer drive than usual and bing bing bing, warning light.

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I got to my destination a short while later and obviously wanted to figure out what was up. Turns out it was just low tire pressure (with a huge sigh of relief). Checked the pressures: recommended psi for each tire was 36. What was the actual pressure across the 4 tires? Between 28 and 32. Yes...28. That would definitely be noticeable (and clearly was).

In my defense it has gotten really cold pretty much overnight and I haven't yet had a season other than summer/warm-ish fall with this car so it's all new. Anywho, made my way to the nearest gas station and filled up the tires again to about 38 psi each. Let me tell you, it felt so much better. More responsive for sure.


Some benefits of a properly inflated tire are:

- proper traction through tire (and computer assists respond better I believe)

- responsiveness to acceleration and braking

- fuel efficiency

- cost savings (outside of fuel efficiency) with regular tire wear

So a friendly reminder, boys and girls, to check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Illustration for article titled So, yeah, check yoself

(grainy because cropped low light phone shot)

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