So the house I moved to this summer, is on a street that is privately owned by the builders of the houses on the street. So the County snow trucks don’t clear it. No big deal except for as I was trying to shovel out the drive way yesterday I got to talking with the neighbors. As far as anyone can understand there were 2 builders who have are fighting over the rights to the street, and neither wants to plow the damn road. So luckily (after one of my neighbors broke his truck trying to force the way out of the road) a neighbor was able to get my wife to work. in his truck. Now I am stranded in my house, the road will probably not be cleared before Wednesday is the best guess, and I need to get my wife home before I HAVE to go to work on Monday. No one is taking responsibility for plowing the damn road. This is such a mess, if I would have known I would have bought a BIG ASS snow blower to just deal with this. Such a mess.
Any one in Maryland want to come plow my road ?