I’ve sat in a Fiata and I know two things from that experience:

1. My 188cm frame is not wanting to fit in it, and after driving 2000km in a similarly sized 1997 SLK I know I don’t want to have my legs almost againts the dash all the fucking time.


2. I fucking love the Fiata and I wished I fit in one... or that it was sold here in Mexico... turbo for the win!

3.The 160hp miata with the sport package is 31,000 euros in Spain; only 10hp shy of the abarth and 9,000 euros cheaper!

4. Though I understand that this Fiata is sold in the Spanish market (read: taxed to hell and back!) 40,000 euros is around 8,000 euros more than what we paid for our Kia Stinger, a bigger, faster car.

I’ve been on the Kia website for Spain:

1. Oh god is socialism expensive: a Kia Stinger alike mine is 57,000 euros in Spain. *Cross compares other cars* Oh wait I’m wrong.


2. No idea why it’s so dirt cheap here because other cars certainly do not follow that trend. Want a BMW i3? well, it will cost you about 38,000 euros in Spain, and around 500 Euros less in Mexico.... sure it’s a saving, but it’s not as big as the saving on the Stinger which I suspect is artificially marked up in Spain for reasons that WobblesTheMind has explained professionally many times.

The Aspiring engineer!

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