So You Have a Classic Euro Sportscar and Want to Autocross...

They’re out there, lurking. Skulking. Waiting. Under carports and tarps, dust covers and sheets, forgotten in the backs of barns and garages or lavished with attention. Jags, Healeys, Triumphs, MGs, Fiats, Porsches all are itching to be used by owners who aren’t part of the shine and show crowd, but don’t want to show up at a local SCCA autocross and run essentially alone. Until now. There is a brand new class for these older cars in the SCCA. Welcome to HCS and HCR, Heritage Classic Street and Heritage Classic Race classes. Below is a picture of my Spitfire hastily numbered and classed in the HCS class. Here are the rules, which are purposely simple:…

Essentially, HCS means the car has to be street legal. I used to run in FSP, and was pretty much bringing a plastic knife to a gun fight unless weather and course design conspired in my favor. Which was basically never. Since my friend Robert wrote the rules of the class with some input from me, I didn’t want to be a hypocrite so I switched over to HCS. Currently I am the only one in my class locally. However I have several friends who are now interested in dusting off their cars to throw them around some autocrosses.


This past weekend I went to COTA to watch the Russian GP (I’m currently 12th in the world in Badger Fantasy F1 League, WOOHOO!) then run a Texas Spokes Sports Car Club autocross over in Lot H at COTA. It was my second autocross in HCS. My friend Duncan parked next to me in his Morgan +8, and he was considering running the event with me. He spectated and didn’t participate, but is interested. What we wanted to create was a place where older Euro cars could compete against other period cars, like the Classic American Muscle (CAM) class has done in the SCCA. Let’s face it, other than Vintage Triumph Register events (2 a year including Nationals for me if I’m able to make them) I, and many others have nowhere to compete against comparable cars.

So HCS is now a place for my car and I to hopefully mix it up against other cars of similar performance. HCR is for the stripped out race prepared versions of these cars. So dust off Dad’s MG, Triumph, Austin Healey, Porsche, Lotus, Fiat, BMW or Ferrari and join the fun! We have spots on grid waiting to be filled. I hope to foster some friendly rivalries in HCS, just like I have in the Vintage Triumph Register ( at the past two Regionals. But more about that next post.

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