So you know how I said I have no current plans to replace the Kawasaki?

About that...

This 1996 CBR600F3 (and yes, after the Kawasaki fiasco I did check the VIN to match the title and to see if it was stolen) was up for a price so low it could only have been a scam. I thought I’d amuse myself and see where the scam would go. Well, it wasn’t a scam and for just a little more money than I sold the KE100A G5 for, I brought home a new toy.


The story behind this one is that the guy I bought it from likes buying and selling bikes like I do. He got this one as a bit of a mess. The owner before him dropped it and absolutely destroyed it. Everything from the fairings to the seat to the wheels were scraped up, gashed, and broken. Thankfully the damage was only cosmetic.

He restored it from top to bottom, replacing every wear part along the way. There are new plastics, wheels, suspension, exhaust, bars, you name it. I haven’t seen a used bike this clean before. He also added a few modern touches like turn indicators integrated into the mirrors, LED dash lights, and that Yoshimura exhaust hanging off the back. He then had it serviced and inspected by a Honda dealership. It purrs like a kitten. I have no idea how these things rode brand new, but it’s probably something like this bike. He had the papers to prove it all, he really did dump a small fortune into this thing.


And between you and me, I’m glad to have reduced my project count to one and upped my count of road ready vehicles.


The reason I got this bike for well under a stack? Apparently the owner broke his wrist and cannot ride big bikes. Instead he’s rolling around on scooters until his wrist can handle a big bike again. He needed the monies to resolve other problems in life.


I’ve never been much of a fan of sportbikes that have graphics that remind me of a RV, so this will stay mostly blank. The only visual addition I’m adding are Honda wing style tank decals in the same colour as the bars.

And for those keeping count, this is my first sportbike that’s not a Harley Sportster with a cylinder missing and oil stored in its frame. So with that, the count remains 6 two wheelers and only one of them is a project.

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