On May 10th, 2017 Mr. Graverobber posted a Nice Pipe or Crack Pipe post featuring this svelte silver lady. I read it and voted nice price just as 89.5 of all yall. Clearly this car is interesting for that fact alone, Jalopnik readers almost never agree. I felt interest starting to form and distance was no longer an excuse. On May 11th, 2017 I payed for this argenteous Swedish sled.

A quick bit about me:

-I first and foremost am I motorcyclist. I love two wheels something fierce.

-I find myself needing a car all of a sudden (new baby on the way).

-I needed something safe, somewhat reliable, and easy to work on.

-Oh, and cheap. I don’t want no stinkin car loan right now.

This thing was:

-Cool in an odd way, because Saab

-A wagon


-Easier to work on than an older BMW

-Flipping close to me, that was a surprise

Through sheer desperation “the dude” lowered the entry fee to $1650. That, in my honest opinion, would have been a 99.9% Nice Pipe vote from yall. We met up and now she’s mine.


I am going to show you some of the quirks today. I am sure there are more I don’t know about but this is to get this started, enjoy.

I feel it needs to be said, keep plastic engine covers out of your engine bay.
Why have an extra opening to your engine, makes sense.
That’s the “oil dipstick” for the transmission

-the oil dipstick is attached to the oil filler cap. I thought I was checking the oil level the first time but I ended up checking the transmission fluid level instead.

-There is a chime to alert of things like a burned out bulb, it sounds like the seat belt sign sound on an airplane.

If you can make it out, that’s a 2cv hat.

-the front reading light looks like it was taken directly from an airplane.

-the switch for the dome light is next to the reading light and it looks like it belongs on an airplane.


-The vents aren’t just your typical articulating plastic pieces. There are multiple layers of plastic with the same cutout that, when moved around, form air channels to direct air.

-the ignition key slot is on the center console

-the sport button is on the shift knob


-there is seemingly no way to independently control the rear wiper

-there are THREE windshield washers pods on the hood, because why not.

What is that slott d thing?

-window switch gear, door locks, and the ignition key are on the center console as well as a slotted...something. Not sure about that one.

clear clip on windshield
Passenger side
drivers side

-there are weird plastic clips, one on the drivers side in the front and two in the back at the “shoulder” of the passengers.

-I’ll need help with this one: along with every jeezus handle having a hook for your corduroy sport jacket, next to some are hidden...somethings. Not sure.

his is by far the coolest feature so far. I’ve got a cargo deck!
I’ve got plans for this space
Notice all the straps with hooks, convenient!

-the tailgate area has movable tie down anchors. And they seem to be aluminum, you don’t say.


-in the tailgate floor panels there are straps with hooks for each of the two panels, that way they stay up. I’m glad they thought of that.

-There is a night mode: it turns off all the back lights for the dashboard as well as the gauges themselves except for the speedo.


-the “paddle shifters” are more like clicky switches and they are tiny.

You are shitty paddle, and you should feel bad too!
it’s a battery in a box....A BATTERY IN A BOX!!
BOOST GAUGE, oh and CEL :(
What is it about European cars and shitty cupholders?
What is this?
It’s a batman function

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