I got an inspection done on it and it’s not as bad as I know it can be. I was dumb, don’t be like me. I didn’t do a thorough multipoint inspection before buying it, I didn’t do a car fax, I didn’t even check the oil level(more on that later). I did luck out however. A friend of friend runs a small indie shop so I sent it over there and he said he wasn’t going to sugar coat what its issues are. Here’s the list:

Transmission fluid low and discolored- $89.95-$140

Serpentine belt worn-$80

Valve cover gasket - $290

Left brake light broken

Oil pan gasket

Front main seal replaced-$360

Right rear lower control arm bushings

Oil change - $59.95

Left rear window doesn’t roll up from main switch

Left tail light housing broken

Back window scratched up


P1576 - brake light switch

(These are misfire codes)





Probably needs a new ignition cassette and spark plugs - $160


The oil level was pretty low but not catastrophic and the atf is quite low.

I’m gonna have the shop take care of the serpentine belt and the front main seal as well as service the transmission. I’ll end up doing the valve cover gasket(it’s seriously a 30 minute job) the oil change, the ignition cassette and spark plugs and if the oil continues to leak around the oil pan I’ll do that gasket as well.

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