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So, you think your car is aerodynamic? Debatable. . .

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This SAAB 97 (Sonnnet III) is slicker than that crazy small first Honda Insight hybrid. The 1970-74 model year is .01 Cd slicker.


Not because of the Bonneville Moon hubcaps, oh no. STOCK it was a slick car to begin with. In fact, when I finally set aside money piles to set on fire, It will be a tough decision to pick this car over something else because it doesn’t really look like it should be that slippery. Why? Well because math and you now have to read over some math...

Everyone here has heard at about a car’s coefficient of drag. Yes. It measures aerodynamic efficiency. But what else measures how slippery a car is? Have you also read over Frontal Area? That figures into the formula of total aerodynamic drag like this:

Cd * A = a number that demonstrates total overall snotty slippery property. Or, CdA.


In this case, whereas the Sonnet III has a Cd of .31 and a Honda Insight compares with a Cd of .25, the fronntal area of both makes the difference. The Sonnett has less frontal area and when multiplied together, comes out with .6% less total CdA than the 2000-2006 Insight.

SAAB 97 (Cd .31 * A 15.15 = 4.70 CdA)

Insight (Cd .25 * A 20.00 = 5.00 CdA)

So we can see here, that should I take a trip to bonneville, I will do it in most likely a 1970-1974 SAAB 97 Sonett with swappable BMW rr1000 literbike and Suzuki GXR-750 motors.

Compared to one of the worst aerodynamic barn doors? Merceded Benz G class: CdA 16.8. RAM 1500 is even worse.

database used to compile results.

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