So You Want To Buy A Car Off The Internet? The Podcast

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As we know, the internet has made life wonderful. It has brought us closer together as a people and spread peace and democracy to the corners of the planet. It has also allowed us to buy cars from strangers in faraway places.


I get calls occasionally from people who have bought cars off the internet. People tend to call my law office when they have problems; no one ever calls to just tell me they got a great deal on a car or that they were treated well by a used car dealer. It might happen - it’s just that no one ever calls to tell me about it.

So, I have put together this week’s podcast on things I have seen and can warn you about should you decide to buy a car off the internet. It can be done safely but there are things you should look out for and avoid. So here is the audio:


And the video:

I am traveling this week and I am writing this post before I leave. So I am hoping to put a really cool pic at the top of the post. (One from my destination.) Did I succeed? I hope so.


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