Tired of all your friends bringing home big catches and all you can find are daddy long legs? Tired of being made fun of for not getting big game in spider season? All you need is a flashlight or headlamp to bag a big one.

(This is just for fun. Spiders can be dangerous so don’t mess with them unless you’re a professional)

Hold the flashlight near eye level. When you see a reflective spec like animal eyes in headlights that doesn’t go away when you move, it’s a spider. Asphalt and driveways have reflections but they’re much smaller, less reflective, and only reflect under direct angles. The spider eyes may flicker as you or the spider moves but doesn’t disappear like rocks will.

That blurry (sorry iPhone pics) reflective speck in the top picture is actually a spider’s eye(s). I’ve noticed this trick only works for hunting type spiders like wolf spiders. My guess is they have larger eyes relative to their body size and since they hunt at night they need them bigger to see prey.


The owner of the reflective speck.

I find the ones in leaves and mulch are easier to identify with the flashlight at first but blend in better than on asphalt or driveways.


I suggest looking in leaves, pine straw, mulch, or at the base of trees or bushes to get an idea of what to look for and for greater chances of finding spiders before looking on more sparkley surfaces.

The bigger the spider the bigger the reflection.