So you want to make a poll.

Polls are cool. Cool people make polls. You want to be cool.

Now you can. Thankfully, I spent most of my night last night trying to get them to work properly so you don't have to.


1. Go to and make an account

2. Create your poll.

3. Once you've made your poll go to "collect votes" and copy out the Javascript thats there


<script typ e="text /javascript" char set="utf-8" s rc="http ://static .polld m/p/7046590.js"></script>
< nos cript><a href="h ttp://pollda ll/7046590/">Di d this poll help?</a></nosc ript >

4. Get rid of everything except this part

http:// polldaddy .com/poll/7046590/

5. Put that in your article and you should be golden


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