So You Want To Watch Free Motorsports Online?

Stuck online and bored? Don't have cable and want to get your motorsports fix? Refuse to go to some seedy site for bootlegs? I'll show you seven professional racing series that are made available free of charge online.



Yes, believe it or not, the top-tier open wheel series in the US will just let you watch their races online for free. Formula One it ain't, but maybe that's a bit of a good thing.

American Le Mans Series

If sports cars are your thing, they don't get much better than the ALMS. While a bit light on the prototypes, the GT racing is bar none the most competitive in the world. The laptime differential is usually only about half a second, and fields stay tight with battles happening throughout the race. If you've got enough time, they're even uploading vintage races from the last decade and a half.…



They call themselves touring cars, but don't be fooled. These Teutonic beasts are built over a common carbon safety cell for good reason. These high-powered, high-downforce V8 Monsters are a cross between the tight racing of NASCAR and the technology and pit stops of F1. Do they make you pay for that awesomeness? Nope, free for everyone!…



Coming back stateside, we have two more sports car series under one roof. First is the Rolex Series, with lower tech more strictly balanced sports cars than you find in ALMS, but with more tight racing and close quarters combat. They also provide the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge free online, their lower level series where cars begin on the showroom and get modified into mid-level touring and GT machines.

World Challenge


We've written about World Challenge before, and how they're our favorite sports car series. If you like modified race cars that started life on the showroom floor, this gives you four more classes in two series to choose from. Both the Touring Car and GT series are available online.

So there you have it, seven series worth of free race cars along the entire spectrum of speed. You'll never be bored again. Did I miss a series that also has official free races online? Let everyone know in Kinja below.

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