I described this before, but I volunteered to do social media (SM) for a local BMW independent repair shop in Denver. I started 2015 wanting to learn more about car maintenance, and thought I would try an intellectual barter. At Paddock Imports, I work with the owner, his 2 service staff, and about 9 technicians. In exchange for the social media help, I'm able to learn maintenance with the technicians. I normally head down to his shop on Fridays for half a day, after my regular job is over. We're gonna start with a 6 month trial.

What I've learned so far is more along the lines of the ebb and flow of a busy repair shop, maybe less about maintenance and more about the business. I figure the maintenance will come with time. I show up after noon, bringing my camera, and start taking photos of the shop, the techs, and the cars. Since I'm only there for 4 hours on a Friday, everything seems compressed, sometimes their week has been fine, sometimes they just want to go home, after a crappy week. I'm trying to get my photos in, while doing a few SM things, like claiming web listings such as yellowpages, etc, where they call you at the shop to verify your claim is legit. It doesn't leave too much time to watch a tech finish a job. No complaints, though, I have a great time, and am enjoying the experience.


If anyone is interested in how this plays out, let me know. I'll probably blab on about social media (boring to most people with a pulse) but might have a fun story or two about the shop. Any feedback on the SM is appreciated. I mostly post on FB, a lot less on G+ and Twitter. I'm not a marketing or SM expert, but I knew they were lacking in that department.

If you're slightly interested in this experiment, do me a solid and like them on FB.

LS3 swap going into an old Monte Carlo


Snow gets tracked in, the guys gotta clean it up at the end of the day.


We got 420 references for this one, of course. It all started with a flooded car, and got a tad smoky that day.

Ryan buttons up an Audi after replacing the catalytic converter.


A very nice E46 M3 stops at the shop.

This is my Z4MC, getting an alignment, by Luke.


Joey works on an Audi. In another wing of the shop, he's building his foxbody Mustang into a dragster, looking at 1000HP.

A well-used E30 vert in the shop.


Joe works on an E46.

A pretty Carrera.


Pano of the shop, 3 Mini's that day.

Luke replaces a brake booster.


Jason, our Parts Guy extraordinaire.

Billy, the service advisor. He's previously worked at a dealer, and knows plenty about their ways of doing business. See the candy bowl? Most popular stop in the shop.


Shannon, the sales manager, bill payer, accounts person, and shop Mom, looks after them all. Doug, the owner, explains a bill to a customer.