Interesting things you can see at shows. Here for example is a section of the local Cortina Owners Club display. At the time (1970s) Ford and other makers were careful to graduate their car trim levels and to fit badges to show what the owner could or could not afford. You could then be marked out as a loser or an up-and-coming as appropriate. We need to bear in mind that most of these would have been company cars (cars supplied as a perk or tool of the trade).

Like this pair of MkIVs.

On the left, a basic 1.3. A loser then. Probably a junior salesman but certainly at the bottom of the pecking order. On the right, a 2.0 Ghia. Definitely something big. Management certainly, and not low level either. Looking carefully we note alloys (posh), vinyl roof (posh, although there’s a crude looking one on the 1.3), rubber over riders, a chrome tip for the exhaust, head restraints for the front seats and tinted glass. All things to show just how well you’ve done.

For all that though, they shared windy-up windows, manual steering, four speed manual box and a carburettor.