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Harbor Freight. Not ideal, but it works. Some look at the locking pegs, and some like this style. I used to have the Craftsman plastic holed plates but they took two drawers and were older designs where I had holes for sockets no longer made (25/32 wtf) or not enough holes for one category (quarter inch 15mm socket!).


These trays have the spaces for what’s made and doesn’t short you a spot for uncommon outliers. Except for that 21mm deep 3/8 socket I have for my Tacoma lug nuts. But that will get replaced by the 1/2 inch version, for which there is a spot.

The rare gripe over this system is the stick thickness. I had to drill out two of my smallest so the stick fit through. Just a bit, not much. But overall, in one drawer, I’m pretty happy. They aren’t magnetically held in olace. They’re not snapped in. It’s a stationary chest, not for much shoving around, so they’ll be fine. Given the money other systems cost. This is pretty good.



Should I ever get both full sets of shallow/deep in both 6 and 12 point in all 3 drives, that will only be two drawers. Drawers of excess, cause I’ll never use all that.


But it looks pretty.

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