I need to take a moment to say that the Aston Martin DB11 has the ONLY application of soft close tech I can see permeating throughout all autodom.

Most fancy pants doors are heavy, well insulated, and are engineered to sound like a bank vault being shut during the opening sequence of a heist movie. That’s a $10,000 thud-per-door feature you’re throwing away! You’re going from bank vault to disk drive!!

Cheaper cars, where the door closing seems to sounds as hollow and empty as most of our homes, would feel a bit stupid with the feature (and I guarantee most Korean cars will have the feature in the next 3 years). Butt lettuce face it, soft close doors covering up the deafening echo that comes from a lack of sound deadening just aren’t essential!


But now that hoods are one of the largest single body structures on cars and made of the most expensive materials available while being machined to be within a millimeter of usuablity — in the name of weight savings, amen — a soft close function is absolutely IDEAL for these hoods!

All of you know that pre-2010 hood drop just doesn’t happen anymore, even in the movies. Why come? ‘Cause them hoods are like yellow cake, don’t drop that shit!


So thank you Aston Martin for realizing that these need to be a standard feature. Only the British truly understand that we need better tech on the parts of the car we will use the most...though, I’m still questioning how much more knurling the market can take...*cough* Land Rover Range Rover SV Autobiography pedals *achem!* Damn these automotive allergens!!

*hurls knurls resplendidly*