Does any Oppo have experience with soft truck toppers? Either the Softopper or BestTop/SuperTop brands? We have determined that for some Farmer’s Markets we need to bring more display materials than we can fit in the Kona, but many of them are at least partly weather sensetive, so the open truck bed may not always be feasible. 


We’ve had hard tops on our previous trucks and know what a PITA they are to remove and reinstall when you need to cary something large in the bed. We semi-routinely cary full pallets of sheep grain in our truck, which are much too tall to fit under a cap, we also cary manure and other “top loaded” things in the bed pretty often, so a hard topper does not appeal for our working use.

These easily foldable/removable soft tops seem like an ideal compromise, and the pricing seems... sane... Does anyone out there have any experience with these things? Seeking opinions/advice....

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