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SOHC cam swap

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Hello Oppo, it’s been a while since my last post but I haven’t been the most inspired lately. I’ve been wanting a little more kick from my daily driver but I have no space to work on my car and despite the fact that I’ve done clutch and transmission swaps on FWD and RWD vehicles my mechanical skills and knowledge are at a dubious shadetree level or less.


As some of you may or may not know I drive a 1995 Polo Fox, 6N1 , absolute base model aside from the 1.3 in it. SOHC, Bosch monomotronic FI (single point.) How hard is a cam swap in an SOHC engine, will a standard mechanic be able to re-time the engine for me after said swap? Are there any possible fueling problems that might arise from this or supporting mods that would be needed?


This is the part I’d be swapping in, a cam from an older Polo GT, apparently it’s a direct swap and the cam in my engine (ADX) is the most mild cam fitted into this generation/design of VW 1.3.

I’ve tried searching forums for more info, but there’s really not that much. I’m just looking for a bit more responsiveness and happiness to rev out of my current engine, upgrading to a different car isn’t really in the cards for another couple of years.


Any help, advice or shitposts are welcome.

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