I feel like I’m cheating on my wife or something just as awful. My 2013 VW ‘Wagen TDI 6MT is heading to the local GM dealer in exchange for a big shiny truck that gets way worse mileage and pollutes way more.

I feel like I’m ditching my friend when (s)he found out (s)he has cancer. Going with her are a nice set of replica wheels with some good fresh rubber, that I’ve enjoyed a couple seasons in, and a bunch of Euro parts I swapped on because I never expected to be swapping cars so quickly. Maybe a skid plate, too. Not sure how lazy I’ll be feeling tonight. Parts will be on eBay soon (including stock wheels).

I feel like I’m probably doing what’s best for me. Though I only had her for two years and 30-some-odd-thousand miles, it was a car I was always both in lve with and infuriated by. It could get most projects done, but not all. The torque was a blast, but it was still slow as hell. It looked great, but had VW build quality so squeaks, rattles, and a CEL were always expected. Thanks VAG!


I feel like I’m excited, but anxious. My truck will be nice. I got a pretty good deal on it, all things considered. It won’t be nearly as fun as the wagon, but that’s why there’s an old FIAT in the garage now.


I feel like I’m disappointed. I’m not willing to wait it out and find a fix. Frankly, I preferred my Hondas and Acuras over the VW. The truck will make more sense and I wanted to get one soon anyways; the emissions scandal is just forcing my hand a bit earlier than expected.