...to my dad... sort of.

A few days ago, I listed the 505 V6 I bought in April since I didn’t have time to do anything to it since I bought it and didn’t want it to continue rotting away in my backyard.

The actual reason was that I have been hoarding cars for the last few months. If you read some of the useless posts I wrote, you might have noticed I have bought quite a few cars in the last months, and they are all still here. Currently, I have 9 cars at home (including 2 parts cars).
Last week, I decided to change some things: the action plan would be to:
- Sell the 505 V6
- Sell the RX-8
- Sell the 6 cylinder Bel Air
- Sell the A4
- Dismantle the parts cars
- Keep the Pajero, diesel 505, and V8 Bel air
- Have a 4th slot for car flipping (mostly RX-8s and hot hatches)

So I listed the car as a parts car, since it needs some major work to put it on the road safely again. I had a lot of requests, but nobody was ready to pay my asking price of 1500€. One guy was really interested in buying the engine and wire harness, and I figured I would get more by parting it out.
I called my dad to ask if I could use a lift this weekend to do the work, and after some beating around the bush, he admitted he didn’t want me to sell it. So for now it stays, and I hope we can get to work on it together when I’ll have a bit more time on my hands (I’m changing jobs in a few weeks, so my commute will be 2 1/2 hours shorter, allowing me to finally have a life again).