I’ve had my Mégane for 4 months now, and while it is fun to drive, nice to look at, and easy to live with in a general sense, it’s time to part ways.

During those 4 months, it was my primary car. I drove it to work almost every day, took it to the Alps in an incredible road trip, and had a blast doing so. In total, I put 8600km on it over 4 months.

I’ve had it for sale for several weeks now, knowing that september wasn’t the best time to sell this kind of car. Nevertheless, I got quite a lot of calls, but nobody came.

I got a call today, the guy came quickly, told me he checked it’s history though the plates (he works at a Renault dealership). Checked the car, did a testdrive, haggled a bit, and gave me a deposit.


He’s taking it next week-end.

Now to the numbers:

Bought it for 13.500€

Registration: 1.180€

Oil change: 100€

2 tyres: free (had them laying around)

Bad pressure sensor: 300€

2 ball joints: 130€

Total: 15.210€

Sold it for 15.200€, without the winter tyres.

Not a profit, but had a fun car to drive for 4 months at no costs :)