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Sold my grandma's house today...

Guy called about it, seemed serious enough about buying to warrant me going down, so.... 150 miles south to a town close to the Washington/Oregon border in the Miata. House was shown, paperwork was signed, and I drove back to Seattle. Oh, the things I saw, oppo.


I was hauling ass, went past the manufacturer tested top speed multiple times and managed to get there well under two hours. But good god was it rough. My exhaust is loud around town, on the freeway droning on at 6000 rpm.... Absolutely brutal. Kept having to turn the music up because my hearing kept going down. Speakers eventually blew (thank God I have a nice, new set of speakers going in!) and my hearing is slowly recovering.

The crazy thing is how stable the car is at high speeds now. I’m amazed how big of a difference the rollbar makes... Before, I could hit 110mph, but it was a bit sketchy. Not white knuckles sketchy, but definitely required a fresh mind ready for anything. Now, 120 feels perfectly fine, the chassis is not Squirrely in the slightest. Still not a GT car by any means, but man I love that rollbar more and more....

Whenever I do long drives, there’s always a couple other cars—also speeding—who I feel like I bond with over long stretches of tarmac. Spending 50 miles with an RS4 on a mostly empty stretch makes the drive more bearable, and I end up feeling like we’re a team. One person checking for cops in front, one person guarding the rear. Some occasional pulls to kill time, but mostly just a fast pace to eat up the miles. I’m genuinely curious if it’s just me, or if some of you feel the same way..?

There were a lot of those moments driving to—and from—Longview. The RS4, a debadged Audi wagon from out of state, a red 350z, a newish Infiniti... I was never alone on this trip.

The Audi wagon. Looked like a younger couple on a road trip. Thumbs up were exchanged
This guy tried to race on the way back, but there were a lot of cars so I just got behind him. What is this car..? Actually looked pretty cool, minus the stickers. Sounded fantastic too
I wonder which one of us has a better car for highway driving...

All in all, I’ll give the trip a 6/10. It went much quicker than normal, but still took up a Saturday, and left me feeling trashed. Every time I do a longer drive like this, I think about getting another car. But like... A NEW car. Something that isn’t sporty... Something... With an AUTOMATIC. 300 miles in a Volvo s90 would be heavenly. Might be time to call up Tom Mcparland and get him looking for deals.


It’s strange saying goodbye to my grandma’s home. Bittersweet. Along with her husband, she did all the work herself fixing the place up, and making it perfect. I remember them buying it 11 years ago... It was an absolute dump. Now it looks like it’s straight out of Martha Stewerts wet dreams. There was nothing that needed to be done to get it ready for listing because it was kept up so well. Lots of memories there, but it hasn’t been the same for her since her husband died two years. She’ll be moving from Longview to Vancouver Washington, and with any luck will love her new home just as much as she loved this one.

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