Sold the 6P!

Update on the earlier and deleted thread: I sold the 6P for way more than it is even worth. I have not only broken even with Verizon, but I got extra money to spare!!

For a quick summary: My parents are kicking me off their Verizon plan (finally). However since the Galaxy S7 they gave me wasn’t paid for, I now owe VZW $400. Now, the best solution would be to give them the finger, but I’m not ready to burn that bridge with my parents just yet.


For now, I’m using one of my project phones (a Droid Mini) until I make my next step. I plan on getting a new phone (an actual new phone, not used), though something not too expensive.

The Droid isn’t even that bad, just too small for me.

At the moment, the top of my list is a Moto X Pure :D

Also, fun fact!!! Because of my hobby that is rebuilding broken phones for fun, I’ve owned about 50 phones and tablets since 2011. ;) It’s cheaper than having a project car lol


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