In the spirit of change, I have swapped my 944 for something a tad newer. Something I haven’t actually experienced before. When I had my S2000 I laughed at the MX-5. In my mind Honda had beat Mazda at the game they had helped revive. Now, after driving this NB Miata for a day I’m not so sure they did.

With it’s 1.8L engine it’s certainly not fast. But it’s less work to maintain than the honda. It takes 5W30, 89 octane, and less rarefied tires. The turn is world class, and the smoothness of power delivery is incredible. The interior isn’t as barren as the Honda. If feels smaller and more nimble.

I’ll have to look back on some of my notes about the S2000, but so far I feel more at home. I might have betrayed my S2K brothers, but maybe I have seen the light of the Miata.

(Also, I have fully completed the Auto Journalist stereotype)