Update: So I decided to do a practice run with some spare wire. It worked really well, I was holding the wire a little bit away from the flame itself. I had the torch on the lowest setting and after not very long it started glowing red hot.

Is this normal for using it on a low setting? I figured on the lower setting the hottest part of the flame is closer to the torch, but I still don’t think it should glow red hot, but idk I’m new to using propane torches.

As you may know, I need to solder on a new connector for the coolant temp sensor. I have an electric soldering iron, but it’s corded and there’s no outlets near my car. I have a propane torch, like the one pictured, could I just put that on a low setting and solder with that? I don’t wanna have to pay $15-$20 for a cheap wireless soldering iron if I don’t have to.

I checked online to see if anyone make soldering tips for propane like they do butane, but I couldn’t find any.