I’m guessing some of you have seen this on Reddit but my buddy sent it to me. It’s amazing what kind of insight you get into the minds of the soldiers from such an unlikely source. A few of these are pretty detailed; they are sincerely impressive pieces.

Some are sweet.

Some are badass.

Some are comical.


Some are empowering.

Many are understandably sad.


All of them are personal. I can’t imagine mandatory enlistment for the able, let alone volunteering. I have friends who serve and some have lost close friends...to all of them I am deeply thankful.

Enjoy the history and remember the sacrifice.

Edit: Per adamftw, these may not be real.

Though the ones here may or may not be authentic there seems to be a history behind the concept, at least. I’m looking elsewhere and finding that engraving name, location and “feelings” was a practice. Though I would imagine not as common as the flooded market over there would suggest. The idea had to come from somewhere.


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