I bought some tie rod ends for the Exocet. The ones on there are have cracked rubber which I basically patched up with some RTV to get an extra few weeks of dirt out of them on the rally but it’s time to go. I scheduled an appointment for an alignment and wheel balance on Thursday (one of the wheels is a little out of balance - maybe spun a tire) so I should be good to go for Miata Reunion Fri, Sat, Sun. I’ll be running a stock Miata suspension setup on Laguna since I really don’t drive the car on the track much yet. Also, I had a fellow DWA Rally Member send me this sweet pic from the rally:

I’m finally coming to the end of what has been a strenuously fun stretch. Since September 1st, I have: traveled to Boston for 3 days, traveled to Ireland for 5 days, traveled to Scotland for 10 days, traveled back to Boston for 3 days, spent 4 days driving the Exocet on a 900 mile rally, fixed all the Exocet’s boo-boos from the rally & maintenance, worked a press release and placed a story for a client, taken it to Santa Cruz for Morning Motors, then this weekend will be 2 track days at Laguna Seca. I’m certainly not complaining - it’s been freaking EPIC.


That said, I need to get back into a working attitude and think about a real job after this “summer sabbatical”. I applied to a few and had two phone interviews today. One for a Head of Brand & Content at a quickly growing company and another for a Head of Marketing at quickly growing smaller company on better (more sustainable) financial footing. The latter would likely pay less but have more stock / control / immediate hires. The former wold be more money and fun working with two friends but less control and slower career progress. The smaller company has already set up a first in-person meeting with the CEO next week. I’m excited about the prospect of going back to a small company so we’ll see how that goes.

Both companies are in SF and I’ll likely need to pick up an electric car to make the commute viable. Although one is positioned in a place that the Ferry (yes, a boat) might actually make sense. 

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