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Solo Complete!

You read that right, Oppo. I’m now legal to hop in a plane and take it out all by myself. I’m a big boy now!

My instructor and I went out around 4:30. The skies were overcast, but visibility was 10 nm, the ceiling was at 6,000' and the winds were calm. This was the first time I’d ever landed without wind, so the first landing threw me off and was a bit harder than I expected. That was all it took for me to figure out what I needed to adjust. The next landing was soft, the third was light as a feather. That’s when my instructor asked me to drop him off and sent me out on my own.


It was getting late in the afternoon and the sun was setting, so I was working the pattern as fast as I could to get the required three landings in before someone told me to quit flying. They turned on the runway lights after I took off the third time and my last landing was officially in the dark.

One of the ground school instructors is a former FAA examiner. He told me that he was watching and complimented my landings. That was just icing on the cake!


Now we’re on to cross-country work!

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