Right, then -

So, as part of my flight training, I did a solo cross country flight, today (defined as >50 NM). Basically I flew from Palo Alto (KPAO) to Modesto (KMOD) and back, without the instructor sitting next to me.

I’m happy to report that it was a pleasantly uneventful flight. Naturally, it was a bit stressful as there was no one to bail me out in the plane...so if that happened, I’d have to fess up to air traffic control. Fortunately, nothing happened that required that.

While I work on manual navigation, I did have a GPS in the plane and ForeFlight (electronic flight planning and GPS app for iPad). This came in handy as I got a little crossed up on which river I was using as a reference point. In the end, I was fine, though.

The only thing that really did not go to plan was that the flight took longer (by about 50%) than I planned.


But in the end I got there, and back. I walked away from the landing and the plane is still usable. All in all, a successful flight.