Saw Solo this Sunday.

Alden wasn’t a copy cat of Ford, but I was convinced throughout the movie that he was Han Solo. I’d compar it to Chris Pine’s young Kirk. You knew he wasn’t Will Shatner but you also believed he was Kirk.

Glover’s Lando was spot on as expected. Although I think some of choices were made with the character, and I think some more 70s cool cat flair could have used. It is interesting to see why Lando and Solo are such great Frenimies.

Solo’s love interest was actually an interesting character, rather than a card board cut out damsel in distress. Of course Woody Harrelson earned his check. Also comic rel


There was no Perquel esk od conversation, or actors phoning it in.

I’d give it an 8/10. And put I above Episode 9, and say it was on par with what I expected.