Autonomous car makers are deciding to make the cars smarter and finally read road signs. Now, I think there is a major flaw in this system: recognition is extremely difficult if the sign is damaged. So I am proposing an electronic speed limiter on all self-driving cars.

How It Will Work

The car will obviously have a speedometer for a manual driving mode. A few tweaks, and you can make it perfect.

Let’s say the speed limit is 100 KPH (62 MPH) and the car is at a stop. The car will accelerate at a preset 0-100 (Change it from the touchscreen in the car, like a Tesla) until it reaches the speed limit. Then it activates a radar cruise control, and speeds along at the exact speed limit until the speed limit changes.

How Will It Know The Speed Limit?

Speed Regions are the solution to this. Somewhere, in a database, speed limits are entered into the cars remotely. The speed limit will change depending on weather conditions, curvature of road, and so on.


The cars wouldn’t allow you to speed, construction crews could tap into this info so they can temporarily change the limit, and the car could tell you the fastest route. It will be difficult to do this for every road in America, though, but a team of ~100 people could do it rather quick. Besides, if the system fails, just go back to reading the signs.