80s Subarus are a strange bunch.

Coupe, sedan, wagon, hatchback, pickup, all basically using the same chassis.

Easily mistaken for a 80s Toyota Celica, especially since neither one has many examples left. This includes the legendary turbo. which gives it more hp than ones that don't. can't explain it more than that. This ain't no BRZ.

For it has an example of Subaru's attempt to introduce unreliability to the platform. No, not the turbo, the dash.


This has every option they had on the books at the time short of a roo bar. And requires the services of a technician to get to work reliably. So much for convenience. And those wheels, baby. grate your pizza cheese on the way home.

At 98K miles, its major flaw, to me, is that it's an automatic. But with these cars, it's just a matter of bolting in the pedal cluster , linkage and transmission. anything up to 1992 will fit.


(Or a modern EJ22T motor, but that would lead to insane 0-60 times for the cost of a ratty impreza)

Overall, though, crawl under there to see how much rust (not if, but measuring quantity and coverage) is on the vital bits. Sand, rust converter comes in in convenient matching black. I keep a can in the Brat in case I spot something.

Why am I not loading up the turbo boost? I have two of the damn things. They might breed like feral cats if I got another.


That said.. I'll sell you my ratty 86 hatchback for LeMons price and go get this.

CL Listing 1984 Subaru turbo coupe $2000