Everyone can agree that F1 kinda sucks right now. Little passing. Championship given to Mercedes-AMG whatever each year. But I’ve had a drink or two and I know how to fix the problem.....maybe.

Currently team engineers can relay information about the car to the driver. Go slower, get a gap to improve cooling, that one nut has backed off 1/64 of a turn, the driver isn’t farting enough to get an extra boost of speed. This often leads to prematurely pitting the car to prolong the life of the engine. F1 has an engine limit for the season and you get penalties if you go over your allowed number.


But.....and stay with me here....there was no data relay between the team and the car? The driver still has comms with the team but any information they need the driver must relay it to them. Reliability might start to become an issue....but that’s good. Anything to spice up the race. Driver is too aggressive and cooks the motor...oops. That’s on the driver. Driver can’t successfully diagnose a trans going bad and grenades the thing 2 laps from the end, good!

Anything to give the driver more direct control over their car is good to me.

Anyway, I’m going to eat some dinner and have another drink. Feel free to explain how you are wrong in the comments.


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