.... is the code name for my house. I've spent the last 2.5 yrs working on it and my current project is painting the exterior. That's my WRX to keep it car related for anyone that wants to complain. You can find my daughters' Cozy Coupe later if thats not enough.

So i've spent the better portion of this Spring (prepping) painting my house. I'm 1/4 done. It's funny when someone asks me what i'm doing over the weekend, I'll say i'm painting my house however the actual painting part was only 1/10th of the process. So my advice is pay someone else to do it cuz this stuff sucks.

The color options: red, blue, dark, gray, and light gray. In the end my photoshop time was wasted cuz the wife wanted dark gray and that's it.

Start by scraping and sanding the shit out of everything. The house is closing in on 100 years old but it looks to have been repainted about 15 -20 years ago when the addition was built. All thats left for the rear is to finish painting the screens and install them in the porch. I'm just about finished and in good time for the girls' 2nd birthday party saturday.