Somehow acquired my debit card number and ran up an impressive run of fake charges today...

first up where 2 $130 +/- bill payments to an AT&T self-serve kiosk in Texas (I live in Vermont and haven’t left the state since Christmas), then they tried to buy a new iPhoneX

and then they tried to by $450 worth of god-knows-what from Target’s online store and then, to cap it off they tried to spend over $2000 in tickets with Delta airlines. All the charges are reversed and/or declined, but I hope the fuckers get nailed for it. I still don’t know how they got my card info, I *JUST* got a new card less than 20 days ago and I haven’t even used it that much.

I mean Jezus, they din’t try to buy ANY car stuff! Not even a rental!

PS: Isn’t chip+pin supposed to prevent these sorts of issues?