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Some Bay Area DOTS

Not much, I miss so many. I saw a widebody early 2000s AMG coupe, the C coupe, it had the round headlights. Sounded mean and looked wide. Had black badges but those are before they had black editions right? IDK.

Found walking my dog.
Plate was 48Jake I think
This fucking dumb ass was at my condo’s pool with his kinders, 40 year old looked like an accountant, driving THAT. I saw him a few hours later, he always has the wheels height like that. The ship is sinking bro!
Nice MR2, skanky W123, awful later wheels on it, crooked too, shit tint, C3P0 gold.
Odd color, really you chose that?
Here is one for a certain Vespa fan, Z orange too!
The local 40 year old tuner bros.

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