Just bought 550CC injectors and a RB25 NEO (R34 GT-T) turbocharger.

Current Mods:

Tomei turbo elbow, japspeed downpipe, kakimoto cat back, blitz intercooler, greddy boost controller. Basically bolt on stuff. That is just power mods.

I have a Nismo fuel pump that I haven’t put in yet.

All I need is a ecu (probably going nistune) and a Z32 AFM (optional but stock is a bottleneck).

Going to send this RB25 turbo to someone (probably Arizona Turbo and Tractor Supply) who can rebuild it without plastic and ceramic wheels, lol. Also need to get an intake pipe with a nipple for a vacuum line welded on.


I would post pics but Kinja is being an asshole. “image upload error”