Some car-related anecdotes from today

1. At the beginning of my leadership class, we all start by sharing a positive thing that happened to us since last class or will happen soon (cheesy I know). Mine was the fact that, after a year and a half of not getting to drive it much except during the summer, I am finally bringing my Alfa Romeo to college for a week and a half. The professor, who drives a Jaguar XF identical to the one pictured above, was actually quite intrigued. He told the class that he loves those kind of cars, and that his dream car is...wait for it...


A Fiat X1/9 Bertone! Seems like quite a few of my professors are also Jalops. The prof leading my study abroad in January drives a CTS-V coupe, for example.

2. Today while walking back to class, I watched across the street as a student in a Passat CC pulled up in front of a parallel parking space that was clearly too small for his car, signal, and then reverse with some considerable speed into the car behind him. The driver got out, inspected the front of the CR-V, which had the bumper cover knocked loose and some of his paint on it, saw me standing there watching, got back in his car, waited for 2 minutes until I finally turned and pretended to walk away, then drove off. I wrote his model and plate # down and put it on the windshield of the damaged CR-V.

3. I pulled up to a crowded Walgreen, and all the spaces close to the door were taken except for one. A red Saturn had pulled in about a foot over the line, really a pathetic parking job. Given that this was an end space and I was in a hurry, I pulled in with my driver’s side wheels up against the curb, and my passenger side a few inches from the asshat parked Saturn’s door. No sooner had I gotten out of my car and started for the door then a lady from another car jumps out and starts yelling at me. “Sir! You gotta move! Those people won’t be able to get into their car!”

Sorry lady, but that is not my fault, nor is it my problem. Perhaps you should wait for them to come out and yell at them for their shitty parking.


And then I moved my car, because I have no spine.

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