The ranking only lists M, i and Alpina models - or this post would go on forever.

0. This picture of an M1 (E26) on one of the walls in the dealership.

1. Alpina D3 Biturbo (F30) - with walnut wood ...and no spare tyre location.

2. M3 (E92), with a black exterior and interior, it might’ve smelt funny though.


3. M140i 5-door hatch and M240i convertible (F20 and F23) - modern E30 M3s?

4. i8 (i12), which was locked and charging this time, it still looked cool.


5. M760Li xDrive V12 (G12) - easily the best place for a comfy nap in the dealer.

6. M6 (F13 and F12), there were unfortunately no Gran Coupes around though.


7. M5 (F10), which had a RED INTERIOR.

8. M3/M4 (F30/F82/F83/f(x)=x^2+(k+3)x+k), with some nice exterior colours.


9. i3 (idk) - with grey cloth, beige leather and wood that matched the leather.

587. X6 M (F up). There were many of these, and strangely no X5 Ms to be seen.


That’s all, have a nice 2018, fellow Opponauts~!