Some Cars I thought Deserved Saving

Down the road from Watkins Glen @ a Euro Yard

That Giulia is actually a Super 1600 as I recall...


Has all the glass and the floor isn’t rusted through what more could you want.


There was actually an older Bertone too, plus dozens of other Volvo’s, mostly 240's, wagons, 740's... There was also a 242GT that for some reason I don’t have pictures of. Also an AMC Eagle, Dodge Raider(Mistubishi Pajero) and a nearly destroyed Fiat X1/9. Oh also a bunch of Renaults.


Hope to go back with money some day. The yard owner used to race a P1600 at WGI before he spun out in a soggy turn 1 and scronched some fenders. Sad day. Apparently the town/county has been trying to get the guy to get rid of all his stuff, maybe because they think it’s an eyesore on the very popular Seneca Lake wine trail and gosh darnit that’s prime real estate for some vineyards/ another bridesmaid party-bus trap. Anyway these might not be around long sooo help me help you make some offers.

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