Bu dum tsssss. Sorry

Anyways, I don’t think I’ve mentioned my truck on here, so... Here she is! 2001 ranger, as base as a base model can be. Crank windows, no ac, no radio, no carpeting or mats... But every single thing can be fixed with duct tape and a few curses, or replaced for less then $20 if all else fails.

These two are pretty good friends. Which makes sense, seeing as how similar they are. They’re both underpowered, lightweight two seaters with rwd, 5spd manuals and a penchant for allowing water to enter the cabin. Neither one can handle snow in the slightest; the Ranger stuck spinning its wheels on even the slightest grade, and the summer-tires laden Miata immovable when the frozen stuff hits the one inch mark. No seriously, look at those pictures above. My Miata is stuck. I backed in via momentum and prayer, when I left I had to dig my way out. Sure is going to be fun when I swap in the coilovers and ride height drops by over an inch!


Alright that’s all. Just wanted to introduce the less talked about member of the auto trio. Say hi everybody!

P.s. I cracked my front lip spoiler THE DAY I put it on. Parking in my normal spot, where I was used to hitting the curb with my front tires.... Learning is painful oppo