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Some Classics on my morning ride

First, a lovely Ford Model A Roadster, parked outside the same apartment complex where I saw that RHD E-Type.

Second, outside another apartment complex, a 1973 Dodge Charger. Looked like a near-complete project that just needed some paint and a few bits of trim to be back in its prime.


I also saw a brand new Porsche Boxter S parked behind some dentist's office (go figure). No SR20 because it was right below the window of his ACTUAL office (the room, not the business) and I didn't feel like having some rich angry guy come out and yell at me for taking pictures of his car. It was white, with red brake calipers, and like every other car with an automatic spoiler that I've ever seen around here, the automatic spoiler was up, despite the fact that the car was off. I know someone who has a Panamera Turbo, and they leave the spoiler up all the time, just so everyone can see how fast and fancy their car is. This particular Boxter S also said "Boxter S" in large letters down the side, to make sure everyone knew that this was a successful dentists, and he could afford the "S". Other than that, it looked like this:

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