A Porsche 959 rear with a speedster front

a WTFront end Robo-Benz

A great investment Ford Exploder


This Suburban is actually sort of neat

DAT HOOD SCOOOOPE! Mitsubishi super fast racecar


Dem keywords! Regal SLAB

BMW 525i automatic M3 and M5 replica :]


DAT hood scoope and alligator interior Buick

Just needs some paint Lambo (i've seen this in person. It's full of rain water, mosquitoes, and trash)


Alligator headliner not saggin on this Buick


Fierrori F40 for !!!!!!! On Houston CL even though it is in Miami aaaaand was previously down in the Texas Valley before that

and now for the main event!!!!!!!

Drum roll!!!!!!!!!! A Bugatti Veyron LS1 swap!