Just a thought. There are a few certain cars that I would absolutely have to order personalized plates for:

Any motorcycle: 49CC would be my first choice, 50CC if that’s already taken. After that, I dunno.

A tan Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera: DLR first and foremost, followed by TNCIERA and then just FARGO.

Any Camaro: B1TCHIN, B17CH1N, 817CH1N, and after that I’d just give up trying to sneak one past the censors and go for MILKMEN.

A Scion xB: SEXBOX. (Considering Georgia has allowed MMM VAG and S AND M (both of which I have seen in person, so there are certainly more risque things out there) I could probably justify it by saying something like my nickname is Ox in the SouthEast xB club.)