“Fuck this customer in particular”


- Dude calls up yesterday afternoon to place an order. Takes about 3 tries to get the message across about what he wants. I let him know what is in stock, and he decides it’s not quite what he wants. It’s close enough that we can modify it here for an extra fee, he agrees to go ahead with that.

- Next question. When can you deliver? I want it right away. Can you bring it tomorrow morning? Please bring it tomorrow morning. (It’s small, truck isn’t full yet, no point fighting over this. Yet.)

- I would like to pay by cash when you deliver. (OK, red flag.)

*Material is modified to his specs, essentially making it useless to us*

- AFTER the office is closed for the day, he sends an email (not to me) saying he wants to cancel the order. I don’t find this out until our driver calls me saying the person on site (not the guy who placed the order) won’t take the material.


- Call orderer. “Yes, I said cancel it.” Sorry, can’t do that. This was prepared for you. We can’t take it back. “OK give me a minute I want to talk to my guy”.

*puts me on hold and hangs up*

- Call orderer again. “OK... I’ll call my guy to get him to take it, give me a minute”


*puts me on hold and after five minutes of this BS I do the hanging up*

- After talking with the driver and finding that there was still no response on his end, call orderer again. “OK, we’ll take it anyway I’m going to get you a credit card number, I’ll call you right back.”

*insert 10 minutes*

- Call again. “OK, here’s the number [insert PHONE number]. It’s my parents. Call and ask for [xysdperson]”.


- Call new number... “Oh OK I’ll give you a credit card number but I’m in a different part of the house can you call me back in 15 minutes”

*insert 15 minutes*

- Call again, finally get number, my day can resume. WAS THAT SO FUCKING HARD???

Burned a fucking hour waiting for this asshole to get his shit together. Was it stupid and inefficient? Yes. But unfortunately for him I had time to wait this morning. If I’d asked the truck to leave we’d never have seen that money. And I’m damned if I’m going to let myself get screwed over.


Other things:

- Where I said “Called xyz”? Not that simple. He never picks up. He’ll always call back in a couple minutes, but NEVER pick up first time. His mother—same thing.

- This guy is a fucking REAL ESTATE AGENT. We did a decent sized job for him already. He HAS money. Plenty of it. But you have to call your MOTHER to pay with HER card for a couple hundred bucks for odds and ends to finish the job?


DIAF. Never darken my phone line again.