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The DSG kicks me in the kidneys in heavy traffic, the interior rattles, the suspension is noisy over badly paved roads, the electrics start acting up. But then there are nights like tonight...


The streets were packed-ish but I had room to move and dart around lanes, the DSG and 2.0 TSI are a jewel of a combination.

The suspension is smooth in a very Passat-ey way but the Pilot Sport 4s grip and the thing handles relatively well as I nearly hit a parked bus, it feels like a long GTI.


New discs and sport pads on all corners help a lot.

The leather inside is soft and comfortable, unlike a 3 series, and my buttocks are warmed by the best seat heaters in the business.


There are lots of space for activities in the back, because longroof.

I both hate and love this thing - and can’t find anything to replace it.

Fuck me the oil is low again.

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