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Some days, I just think "why bother,"

Why bother driving a nice car around... I realize it is somewhat anti-jalop, but still, I wonder.

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Why not just get a ratty old little truck, with a flatbed on the back. Something mechanically sound, with heat and air, and runs fine, but ugly and beat up. I see one on my way to work, and wonder if it is reliable... If it is mechanically sound, I would think it would be simple to use without being concerned about it.

Pavement SUCKS, and beats cars with sport suspensions to death, and causes high repair costs for suspension, driveline, exhaust coming loose from hangers... etc.


Traffic SUCKS, and people rear-end you when you have to stop for construction or utility vehicles in the middle of the road. Yes, this happened to me yesterday.

Weather SUCKS, and goes from sweltering hot and drought dry and dusty, to cold, and rainy, and back to hot, in the space of days or hours. The car gets dirty, muddy, and cruddy, just by being outside. And it isn't even winter yet, which is a whole other kind of suck.


Door dings, parking lot prangs, insurance rates, gas prices, having to park far away from everything, and leave it un-attended all day, hail storms, sun baking, all SUCK.

Maybe I should just stop giving a damn, and buy a disposable vehicle that I don't care about, that can take the abuse, feed it cheap gas, liability insurance only, cheap tires, cheap parts or held together with fence wire...

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